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Zynga the Dog's new look!

Zynga The Dog is the main antagonist of Farmville Scams a Cat. He is basically the Chuck Norris version of the Comic Universe plus you pay him money and time.


Zynga has a very arrogant personality. He is willing to kill anyone to stands on his way. He is describe as being lazy because he usually assigns others to kill anyone whom he wants to be assasinated. Zynga is said to be very greedy when it comes to money and will do anything to get some money from stealing tresures in lost pyramids and creating a company that focus on scamming people. He usually does not care about his comrades sych as the Zynga goddess and does not care about other people's property.

However, Zynga is said to be smart and will use his opponent's weakness such as kidnapping their beloved ones, burning down their home land and skinning people to death. Sometimes Zynga can be highly sadistic. He is also showed to be good at lying.


  • Zynga can kill 2 people with one stone.
  • Zynga created Chuck Norris to attracted tourist and internet fags.Fortunately, it works! it really works!
  • One time, Zynga gets angry and destroy an alternate universe. There are no survivors.
  • One time, a McDonalds employee forgot to give Zynga a straw. There were no survivors.
  • One girl thought it would be funny to say "When Zynga dies" instead of "When hell freezes over" since Zynga dying is even more unlikely; Zynga can NEVER die. An hour later, that girl was found dead by angry Zynga addicts.
  • Zynga never appeared on Season1/4 comics...
  • Zynga has already absorbed Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee.
  • Only Zynga can kill you in every second of your existence thorugh out time itself... at the same time.
  • Ichigo wasn't the one who defeated Aizen. It was Zynga that reverted Aizen to normal but Ichigo and Kisuke took the credit before he could absorb his ******ry.
  • You don't own Zynga, Zynga owns you.
  • Zynga owns all women.
  • ====Once, someone tried making Zygnus to take down Zynga. However, before the art was finished, that person got own by Zynga, and so did the art.
  • In Tomboy's Life,Good Zynga is the only one who can defeat Zynga.
    Lesson learned: Do not try to surpass Zynga's power.====