Solaris is a car in CAT! Comics. It is a electric-type car and the only known owner is El Tigre.


A Black, Yellow, Blue, Red and Green Solaris


Solaris is an electric-type car and possibly one of the most cheapest ones.It has the max speed of 250km/h and is powered by fuel and solar power. If there is sunny, the car is powered on solar energy but it there is no sun, the car uses fuel so the owner would not have to keep stopping.It has a capacity of four pets and is the smalles car in the comic.It is similar to Smart Fortwo and Fiat Cinquecento.The wheels are plated and can be taken off by popping out them from the bolts inside the wheel.

El Tigre's VariantEdit

Nothing is different from normal ones, although it does'nt have one headlight and has a custom license plate that says "ELTGR".It is also colored light blue, which other Solaris' dont have.The performance is also upgraded and has a nitro.



  • It is the first car to have licence plates. The experiment turned out successful, and all cars (unless they have custom plate) will have licence plates.
El Tigre's Solaris

El Tigre's Solaris