Giga Zero invading the world of comics

Giga Zero is a main protagonist in the comics. He appears to be attacking the world of comics in space. He is the largest enemy so far.He is the most strongest among the Giga.

Main GoalEdit

He's main goal is to destroy each and every living creature in existance to prove his supremacy among others.This involved blocking the sun's view and to create darkness.


Giga Call - it can call other Giga to fight for him.

Grand Meteor - it is said that his meteor can destroy mountains and can create massive earthquakes.

Giga Vision - It is said to be the Nuclear Bomb version of the Gigas.

Thrid Eye Giga Effect -Can cause nightmares and uncurable diseases on victims.


  • Giga Zero appears to be larger than the moon.
  • The only planet to have a confirmed gender.